Have you ever walked in the wind and the rain?

Defending myself with a kaleidoscope of pastels
printed on nylon,
struggling against what threatens to break my will…

At some point, the rain stops its drumbeat
upon my shelter,
and I hesitantly move out from under my protective barrier.

It is ok.
I walk with more ease.

…but the wind is still battering my body
and I am chilled.
Crouching within myself,
head down, arms hugging my torso, hood over my head,
I grumble…I just want to get home.

“Open my eyes in wonder” I pray

My eyes lift from the sidewalk to the trees,
feeling the wind in my face.
It really isn’t that cold…In fact,
it is warm.
It feels good. Like a gentle kiss. Comforting. A caress.

The palm trees are waving their leaves like feathers –
a feather duster catching the soot from the air.
Yes, palm trees singing “Hosanna”!

And I get to experience this?
I no longer yearn to get home
but marvel at being home.
Even in the storm, we are home.
God is good.
God is the storm.

“There is only Christ. He is everything and He is in everything.” Colossians 3:11 NJB.

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