Oh Lord Jesus,
Come into my heart and restore all its rooms.
Scrape the popcorn ceilings smooth
Making the roof over my head Your wisdom.
Strip the wall paper that hides
The natural beauty beneath.
Expose the beams of cypress
Unveiling the intricate design.
Sand the floorboards of their jagged ruts
So feet can gently walk surefooted.

Empty out the closets
Even that which is hidden in its deepest corners.

Remove the bitterness burnt on the stovetop
And let my true love shine.

Unyoke the furniture from its plastic
So the softness of its fabric will remind me of Your touch.
Swaddle me with grandma’s quilted blanket
Securing me in Your comfort and love.
Put to bake a bread in the oven
Surely calling me welcomed to rest here.
Sit with me at the table
So never again will I eat alone.
Place bouquets of blooms in each room
Giving off Your fragrance.

Stitch the tapestry worn thin by rugged wear
Reminding me of Your prevailing strength.
Clear the windows of their soils
Welcoming the sunbeams to dance across the floor.
Mend the wall cracks and holes
Ensuring me that You make all things new.
Scrub the stains gone in the sink
Cleansing to a holy shine.

Fill my penny jar
So I can give it away.

And when You are done
Hang a sign out front,
“All are welcome here. Come in. This door is never locked”

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